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June 2018

Test Code Order Form


From the NAME Secretary
April 2018

2018 Boiler Test Code Volume 1 (Boilers: 3 to 1100 bar-litres) 

2018 Boiler Test Code Volume 2 (Boilers under 3 bar-litres)

2018 Boiler Test Code Volume 3 (LPG tanks under 250ml)



From the NAME Secretary.
January 2013.

The wording and layout of the revised boiler test code has been modified so that it becomes the first part of a written scheme of examination (WSE) necessary in accordance with PSSR. A second part of the written scheme is a WSE certificate giving details about a particular boiler and this has the effect of making the Written Scheme particular to an individual boiler.

Unless there is some change to a boiler the WSE certificate will normally only be completed once and will cover the life of the boiler. If major repairs or alterations take place a new WSE certificate can be completed. Both the test code and the WSE should be kept with the boiler; it does not need to be carried round when visiting other societies.

There is very little change in the revised boiler test code scheme with regard to the actual procedure to be conducted when undertaking an examination and test of a boiler.

A new boiler examination certificate has been sent to your boiler inspectors and will be issued progressively after 1st January 2013. This will take the place of the present hydraulic and steam test certificates. The new boiler examination certificate will have different sections to complete depending on the type of test being undertaken. The current hydraulic test and steam test certificates will therefore be replaced by a single examination certificate.

NAME suggest that implementation should take place as from the first hydraulic test after 1st January 2013 with the present steam certificates being used during the remaining period of validity of the existing hydraulic certificate. Where it is felt that full compliance with the revised scheme is appropriate the boiler and system in question can of course be given a WSE and hydraulic test so that it complies with the new arrangements.

Should there be any questions regarding the boiler test code or the certification please contact the NAME Hon. Secretary. If he does not know the answer then he probably knows someone who can assist!


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